“I went to Leicester for a very big fee”

As if to prove that absolutely everything is on the web these days, here are some extracts from a 1976 book of poems published by the current manager of Wales.

Gosh! It’s Tosh

The title’s harsh – some of this is perfectly serviceable verse, not pretending to be any more than it is.

Return From Spain has a genuine feel to it:

We’re coming in to land at Speke,
My legs are feeling very weak,
We’ve just returned from Barcelona,
And now I’m going for a sauna.
But the pressmen’s questions are all the same,
‘Where’s your poem for the Derby game???’
I tell them, ‘Poems don’t grow on trees’,
And you ain’t forthcoming with any fees!!
You’ll have to give me one more day,
They laugh and talk, then walk away.


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