Youtube Blowout 3: Ajax and Best

It’s difficult to pick on one moment that exemplifies the Dutch moment in football. Two successive World Cup Final defeats were more than they deserved, and perhaps their 1974 demolition of then-champions Brazil is a better choice. Or the evening they ran riot at Wembley. But for atmosphere and feel, step down to the club game, and enjoy this:

Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player Manchester United have had since Best. But George Best wasn’t just skill: there was so much warmth, fun, charisma. Some courage, too, although nothing to what Ronaldo and Beckham have had to come up with to survive the neckless bigots who throng the English game. Best’s greatest moment came in the NASL, of course, and Europe had to settle for his performance in the ’65 game against Benfica away. It’s hard to find this on Youtube, but it’s here, about halfway through.


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