Brian Clough Interviewed, Discussed

Many thanks due to Ged2006 for uploading this large collection of Clough snippets. Grist, you can imagine, for Martin Sheen’s role in the forthcoming film of David Peace’s novel.

Film here of the Clough injury that ended his playing days:


2 responses to “Brian Clough Interviewed, Discussed

  1. The idea is of Martin Sheen playing Brian Clough in a movie is a mind-boggling one, so I was disappointed to find out that it’s actually Michael Sheen. Although with Matt Damon supposedly lined up to play Francois Pienaar in a movie about South Africa winning the rugby world cup, anything seems possible.

  2. James,

    I *think* you’ve seen this already – and you may have linked to it – but if you haven’t, here is that Clough / Revie joint interview with Austin Mitchell the night His Nibs was sacked:

    (there is an annoying advert that precedes it – be patient – it’s worth it)