Top TV Psychotherapist Converts to Christianity

According to Ruth Gledhill here,

The latest Alpha (Ed: obviously the Alpha Course run from Holy Trinity Brompton) has a wonderful first-person account by a top TV psychotherapist of how he and his family began going to church and became Christians after seeing one of the Alpha ads from last year on the back of a bus.

She doesn’t name names. Does anyone know who it is?


5 responses to “Top TV Psychotherapist Converts to Christianity

  1. I’m stumped. If my TV broke down I’d call an electrician, not a psychotherapist.

  2. The funniest things betray your age these days. I come from the last generation who can actually remember TVs breaking down.

  3. Sorry I should have put his name in the post, I never got around to it, it was Benjamin Fry.


  4. Oh, cruel.

  5. Thanks, Ruth.