Another One Gone


Whatever else might be said about “Will Rubbish” remember this: he created a superb group blog that had Terry Glavin and George Szirtes on board, real luminaries of whom you have heard, to say nothing of a substantial chunk of the real left-wing blogging talent. Peter, Shuggy, Eric, Hak, Spirit, Bagrec..

If things went downhill after that, well – British blogging as a whole has been in pretty obvious decline for the last 3 years. But if there was a blog that you didn’t expect just to blink out without warning, this was the one. Will’s readers, like Philip Larkin’s, will have to excuse the absence of the usual valediction.


One response to “Another One Gone

  1. I’d have guessed that the decline of The Pub might have led to more blogging. Wrong, presumably.