Christmas 2009: Scotland v Netherlands 1978

This performance justified everything that was said about the Scotland 1978 squad beforehand. It may be remembered now for a film about drugs, in the eighties, in Edinburgh, but in fact Scotland put on a mature, calm display and were unfortunate not to progress. Holland, capable of dazzling, found little open to them but long-range shooting, spectacular but impotent.

Nevertheless, Holland were the side of the tournament: I can still remember my 9 year old incredulity at the refereeing of the Final. I knew nothing about dictatorship, nothing about Peru, nothing about drugged students thrown into the sea from planes.

The side of the tournament: and this was the only time they were genuinely beaten. Here’s how:


2 responses to “Christmas 2009: Scotland v Netherlands 1978

  1. We stopped in Callander for fush and chups. There was a burst of cheering from the pub. “What does that mean?”, enquired my love. “It means we’ve scored – we’ll win, but not by enough.” Sometimes world-weariness is spot on.

  2. Gemmils goal has got to be one of the best individual goals ever.