Scotblogs Awards 2010

My colleagues Rob Marrs and Alex Massie have been nominated for Scotblog awards. You can vote for up to ten blogs, so pop over and add your pencil cross.

Rob’s writing on Scottish football in particular has been just about the best on offer up here for the last 12 months: he’s also English, and a vote for his site, which has quite frankly raised the bar in the last year to places where the actual Scottish press don’t seem able to go, might persuade him to stay that way. Here’s my favourite recent Rob Marrs piece. Like all of the best football writing, it makes you think more than it dictates your thinking, and makes you work at forming your own opinions. Rob’s also been a great supporter of some superb new football blogs and football writing over the year, and has made the most original contribution to the ongoing “future of Scottish football” debate. He began the new and excellent trend amongst British football blogs to start the adult discussion of tactics, and has done a great deal to bring the central European footballing renaissance out of English-speaking obscurity.

Alex wrote what I consider to be the best thing I’ve read on cricket that wasn’t by Gideon Haigh in the last ten years in 2009. Given the infamous SNP reference to cricket last year – and Andrew Anthony’s ludicrous claim in 2010 that cricket is an upper class preserve here (so why was I watching it on telly in a modern house in suburban Fife last week?) – a Massie victory would be one in the eye for the wrong end of the SNP. The inspirational wing of the SNP would be hard served, mind you..

Of course, the award will go to the Scottish Guido, but there you are.


3 responses to “Scotblogs Awards 2010

  1. Very kind of you, James. You are, of course, too modest to point out you’ve been nominated as well and I’d trust that many readers will vote for you.


  2. Alex Massie’s blog is one of my favourites but I see it more as a paid job than a ‘blog blog (which perhaps is a pointless distinction but it was enough) so thanks to Rob’s comment above I have added my democratic right against MTMG. I then read you could vote more than once but it felt too naughty going back.

  3. If you like Scottish football, be sure to check out my own site, Inside Left ( as well as The Scottish Football Blog (, both nominated in the Scotblogs Awards 2010.