Recent Comments Going Astray

Sorry for the problems some of you have been having commenting here lately. Turns out it was Akismet rolling up its sleeves. Hope I’ve sorted it now.

3 responses to “Recent Comments Going Astray

  1. At least you still let me comment. One American economics blog refused to carry a comment of mine that said simply “Krugman is a cad.” Another has banned me from commenting altogether, presumably for violating some prudish/PC American taboo – but what that is remains a secret. Hey ho.

  2. James Hamilton

    Did you read that long Krugman profile that went around the net last week? I didn’t think him a cad in any respect, just slightly unworldly, dedicated to opposition at all costs, and to some extent quite obviously egged on by his wife.

  3. His caddishness had been revealed by the analysis of the bloke to whom I made the comment, but said bloke lacked the mot juste, so I supplied it.

    When we’ve let out our house, we’ve refused all potential tenants who taught or studied Economics, Business Administration, or Law. It’s worked very well; our collection of engineers, vets and archaeologists have been OK to excellent.